Monday, March 1, 2010

Swiss Miss Design Haus

card & photo Swiss Miss Design Haus

I WON...I WON! I WON! I WON! (wiggle hips and turn around here).... Ok, so my nephew taught my son that...he has perfected the "I WON!" gloat-dance...which I just find to be the most hilarious thing, much to the chagrin of my sister.

Although I did not do the "I WON!" gloat-dance, I did run outside to tell the hubby when I found out! I mostly stuck with excitedly sharing the joyous news, because my winning didn't have anything to do with any skill on my part, but to the generosity of iheart faces and Amy Wenzel of Swiss Miss Design Haus!

For the record, IF I do ever win a photo challenge at iheartfaces, I will do the "I WON!" honor of Bohdi...and to annoy the baby sis a little!!! (:

Thank you again iheartfaces and Amy...such a Fabulous prize...sooo generous!!

thank you. thank you.

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  1. HaHa...not funny. Thought I would return the favor and steal a line from your youngest munchkin..tehee. ;)