Sunday, March 21, 2010

the Show...

34' Chevy Cabriolet

45' Ford Truck

69' Chevy Truck by Williams Street Rods

59'Kramer Tractor

46' Mercury
Photos 2010 Copyright Nikolai Designs.Please email for information on Cd or Prints. Cd proceeds to benefit Sundale School-Dad's Club.

"Run a-run a doo run run...Wo run a-run a doo run run...Wo run a-run a doo run run..."



  1. Thank you so much Nikki for you nice and constructive comments on my photo. I appreciate muchly :)

  2. GORGEOUS CARS..and photos..of course!! :) Makes me want to get my Jackie O shades on, throw on a scarf and go for a ride. ;) Beautiful Nik!

  3. WOW, NIk!!! And the classics ride again....or sit and look pretty for the camera...either way, you captured their beauty, pure muscle, and vibrant colors so artistically.....Love them, Nik, love them!!!