Thursday, March 18, 2010

Feeding the Ducks

I know it's labeled feeding the ducks....back when I used to feed the ducks at Mooney...there were actually there are just big, mean, ugly geese. It all started out fine, Tad was throwing popcorn like a wild man. The geese were happy, Tad was happy......then things started to turn ugly, a big ole'goose started hissing at Tad. Tad being Tad, turned and ran...this is the moment when the goose decided to initiate flight and dive bomb him. That's when I stepped in, Avatar-style, flapping my arms like a goose and hissing back (I know, I didn't think fast enough to pick up a stick. Story of my life...)I hope Jessica still wants to be friends with me.

Anyway, the goose did back down, and that's when I told Tad that Daddy will have to come back and shoot the goose! I think it somewhat eased his trauma because he has now told Mimi, A. Nana, A. JJ's and Daddy that, "Mom said a funny joke." The lesson learned, don't judge anyone who flinches when they pass a just never know where they've been.

So obviously, I have to much time on my hands...


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! That is the funniest thing I have read in a loooooong time!!! Classic...hysterical...and just plain funny. You just haven't arrived at motherhood unless you have attacked an animal..attacking your kid. Priceless. ;) I just hope your tail wasn't harmed in the goose-mama-avatar standoff.

  2. LOL!!! Love it, Avatar-style....I am imagining it funny!!!he!he! Only sweet little Tad would be attacked by a goose!!!! What is up with that? Do animals sense his sweet heart and fear and decide to attack???!!! Random!!! Glad you showed that goose who was boss!!!;-)