Wednesday, January 5, 2011

sliced bread

Ok, so it may not be..."the greatest thing since sliced bread"....but it still
is awfully cute and convenient.
the 3x3 Accordion Mini Albums.

the size is more like a piece of bread without the crust...
assuming you are buying regular size bread...and not on a
diet that says you can only have one slice,
so you went to the store and bought the biggest slices of bread you could find...
not that I have ever done that before.

it accordions-which means it compresses or expands, without music of course.
the book fits in the palm of my hand...
fine, I do have very big hands...
but you get what I am saying...

the ultimate mini brag book-3 pack
which means you can keep one and give two...
it's like giving and receiving all at the same time...

custom designs, covers, papers, etc...I LOVE press products!!!
oh yes, it also fits in your purse so much better than sliced bread.

1 comment:

  1. Okay, I need 8 to be exact! I have seen these and they are most difinitely the greatest brag book you can imagine!!