Saturday, January 1, 2011


Geschwister. nach rechts? (:

fröhliche familie

liebe kinder fotografiert. liebe.

alte und neue freundes

lachen ist gute medizin.

viel liebe Heike und Kerry...
ich danke ihnen für die einladung!

ps. hope I didn't say I need some medizin or anything like that?? (:
So sorry Heike for butchering your language! It's the heart that counts...right?(:
wish I could speak at least 5 languages...really truly...
if I had a bucket list...that would be on it...


  1. Oh WOW!!!! Heike you have an AMAZING family!!!!! Beautiful!!! :-) Great job Nik!!!

  2. Darling is all I can say what a pleasure to be apart of this beautiful shoot!! Shall I say handsome, beautiful, sweet, pleasurable, striking etc. fun, fun! Capturing the moments never to be forgotten!