Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm on foggy day schedule today. blah.

for the hubby:
your right the kj words it "vapor" (because we often get in good king james discussions, ugh)
...and other versions say "mist"
but the new living translation translates the word "fog"...
which is so much more relatable when you live with tule fog...don't you think?
fog, mist, vapor...either way they don't last forever...
even though in Tulare, you may feel that way...


  1. Nik...I hope you're not arguing with the king of kj again..hehee! Love this shot..kind of Lord of the Rings-esq! Meaning..I like it. I just found myself searching for a certain blond haired elf! ;)))

  2. I will ponder on this for awhile! I have never seen such pretty fog. Beautiful! :)