Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8 months!

Meet Ciara. Yes, if you can believe it Ciara is 8 months pregnant! no kidding!
I am very excited to meet the baby...will he be early...or wait until October? I'm partial to October...wink wink.

Ciara was raised in Manila, this couture Kimono was given to her from a designer in the Philippines.
Can you imagine being so far from home...

I was touched meeting Ciara. To me, she embodies the word, Modesty. I do not mean that in the lowly way,
but more like this, she is:
"marked by simplicity"
"free from pomp"
"free from affectation"
"not offensive in conduct or appearance"
"humble in spirit or manner"
Happy are the gentle: for the earth will be their heritage.

Not to mention,
Ciara really does Create...to see her extraordinary jewelry collection, please visit:

Hanggang sa muli



  1. Wow..ah.ma.zing!!! Wish I looked that good prego..hehee! Beautiful Ciara! Phenomenal shots Nik! JJ likes. ;)

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  3. Nik, you "kicked" it! :) Ciara, you portray everything I experienced when I visited the Philippines! Very fond memories!