Monday, August 16, 2010

sneak peak....sort-of.

yep, you guessed it. this is what I shot on Sunday. Probably, not the "sneak peak" the boys were looking for...but I promise, much more to come.
this is the hubby....all 6'5", 220lbs. of him! What's not to love? my Tibbs. have i mentioned how much I LOVE being married to Bruce? We fit. I mean really fit. We celebrated our 12th year together Saturday....I am already saying we are working on our next year I will be completely confused on whether or not we are having our 13th or our 14th year anniversary....I am just a nut like that. I love Bruce more today than when we walked down the aisle....

but that doesn't mean I won't run out of the house in my underwear mad at him....not that anything like that has EVER happened before....noooooo not me.


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