Monday, August 23, 2010

meet Corrina.

Ok, so Corrina is not only a petite beauty...she has to be one of the sweetest young ladies! my words for Corina...tranquil, amiable, gentle, pleasant...all high compliments in my book! (clear throat here, especially for those who know me!)

Not to mention, Corrina put up with my obsession over her dress...I mean you can put your hands in the pockets! What's not to love? I want one...but then again I also want to be a size one...oh well, another life maybe. (:

the fabulous make-up was done by Ms. Diva Stacy Francis of Face 2 Face Makeup Design, Fresno. My goodness look at those eyes! smokin' Ms. Stacy. Can't wait to work together again...AND to capture your divaliciousness'! besides, I don't have a life on Friday nights.....(:
to contact Ms. Stacy, and have her bring out the Diva in you... email:

more to come...


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