Friday, September 3, 2010

meet the "Team"

thanks Ciara for documenting our wondeful time with you! (:
in order: amy/hair. nik/camera. cricket/lights. jj/stylin'. shanna/make-up.

Really, what can I say? I mean if I write one thing about my "team"...I will get all sappy and then people will begin to wonder if
I am accepting an award of some kind...and since I am not...
well I am just going to say I LOVE YOU are THE BEST...
BEST...simply the BEST! I mean it's a superlative for crying out loud...
best! best! best! Ok, I'm done. best.

btw...Disneyland was a blast, the kids looooooved it! Thank you everyone for your patience....more post coming soon...(:



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