Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mon amie

I love hanging out with Jessica...not only is she is soooo easy to be with...she is a total lady, all grace and graciousness...and has passed this wonderful trait on to Zoe.

cousin wesley & miss zoe.

Ok, true story...Jessica has ONLY positive things to say about Tyler...I mean seriously... I thought really?? but then I met him...and now I understand...they really are both disgustingly wonderful people!!!

However, the most important thing about this image is that my boys will be relieved to see Zoe really does have a daddy...because no matter how many times I tried to explain to them...that Zoe's daddy works during the day like their daddy does....they still ask if Zoe has a daddy... kids.



  1. Oh my, I love when I am able to see what has been created when I am behind me "little white umbrella"! ;) BEAUTIFUL! I agree Nik what a fantastic fam!

  2. Okay...on a side note...I looooooove the pink little shoes!!!! Go Zoe!!! :)