Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Out of the 'office' today...took a trip to Chaffee Zoo. Myself, the kiddos, Jessica, who is miraculously still my friend after the goose incident, and Channel 30 Action News all made to Chaffee. Apparently, a shooting had taken place last night in the parking lot...honestly, can they really charge you $5 for parking the day after a shooting? deep thoughts.

Here I go on a single word tangent, but in all fairness it does say 'whatever'..."WHATEVER you do...."

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart..."

really? really? I mean there are no specifics or shoulds? I mean I am a girl who feels more comfortable with shoulds and specifics.....I mean really? Whatever? Seems a little loosey-goosey if you ask me....very suspicious.
I was curious..what exactly does 'whatever' mean? I mean does it really mean, whatever? Here's what I got...

Definition of WHATEVER:
or all without specification

deep thought. hmmmmm, whatever I at it with all my heart...


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  1. Yep, Nik "whatever" take if from your Mom who doesn't function on "shoulds" or "specifics" just flow....tee hee (and they gave me a license) YIKES! Beautiful picture!