Thursday, April 7, 2011

meet Logan.

his daddy is a hunter.
hunting people can understand this, when you are a real hunter....
you kill things and put them on your wall...
I feel slightly qualified to ruminate on this...

I mean, I did live in Montana for 10 years...not to mention,
my baby sister and best friend...
is married to a hunter-man...
which means lots of stuffed dead animals RIP
at my sisters house, in little ole' hanford, ca:
a black wildebeest
a blue wildebeest
a silver fox
a nyala
two impalas
a warthog
a black bear
two bucks
a wild boar
a Canadian goose

annnnddddd in the rug department we have:
a blue wildebeest rug
a blesbuck rug (had NO clue what this was until mr. google)
a zebra rug
a bear rug
and a very nice Pier-one-import jute rug (which, I think she should let me have since it clashes terribly with the warthog...just sayin').

my boys, think their uncle brooks, with his guns and his wild games
of chase/safe house, is just totally terrific...

as, I am sure Logan will completely admire his daddy...

a new story begins...


  1. Nik, oh my goodness! I love,love,love,love these pics!!! ( that was 4 loves by the way...that is a lot of love! ;) I love the bear skin pic...sooooo pickin cute! :))))

  2. Hahahahahaha....well...when you list it all like does seem rather obsessive LOL!!!! Logan will all kind of is...hehee!! Twelve more years and he can hike with his dad and shoot himself a big'un...hehee!!! Beautiful job Nik!! I...of course..loooooove these shots and trust me...Brooks will be oh so jello!!!! :))))) The second shot reminds me of the Judd song...daddy's hands...which almost made me tear up hehee!!

  3. beautiful photos, absolutely beautiful! and i take comfort knowing i am not the only person on earth living with dead animal decor...

  4. Nothing like a Daddy's hands!!!!