Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ravensbrook Bed & Breakfast

Located 3 miles north of Coursegold, CA...surrounded by 100 acres of forest...Welcome to Ravensbrook!

Bruce Loves the, I mean he is one of those people who LOVES the mountains. Hence, for his birthday I really wanted to surprise him with a trip to the mountains...

Hmmm...thoughts of me packing the camping gear (Bruce's typical "job") sent cold chills up my spine. Enter Ravensbrook.


ahhh, the cool temperatures, the fresh air, the faint chirping of crickets...I slept like a was so peaceful...

...right before Bruce drifted off...he mumbled, "Now this is camping...." a sure sign that he did, indeed, turn 48 ...

...and then we woke up...YUM! I really should have taken this picture before this poor uno was the only thing left on my plate....but it's an aebleskivers...basically a little Danish pastry for-crying-out-loud...can you really blame me?


to see more of Ravensbrook Bed & Breakfast click here:
or call Sherri Smith, who is the PERFECT hostess in every way!! 559-683-4792.


  1. I vant to go. I vant to go and take my Russian accent with me...while eating a Danish pastry. ;) Looks like a beautiful, relaxing spot..complete with a big bed! Perfect! :)

  2. Beautiful!! Will be on my short list! :)