Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet Regier-Galpin Farms

According to, A Statistical Tour of California's Great Central Valley , Tulare County ranks second (after Fresno) in the most productive agricultural county in California. Several sources estimate that, California's Central Valley produces $13 billion worth of food products annually. Regier-Galpin Farms consider it a privilege to be a part of generations of family farmers, who take pride in producing some of the best fruit in the world.

Table Grapes: Beautiful this time of year. I was simply mesmerized by the almost neon quality of the green and the harmonious blend with the different shades of purple. As the grapes continue to mature, Anthony Galpin, owner/operator of Regier-Galpin Farms swears they have the best table grape "crunch" that you can enjoy from September-December.

"Stone Fruit": Sad to say, born on a Dairy, raised in the Central Valley... still was not familiar with the term. So for all you other ignoramuses like me(really is it an insult if it is a Latin word?) ... here is the nikapedia definition, "Stone fruit has a hard stone or, duh, pit that is surrounded by sweet, some describe "fleshy" fruit around the seed/stone/pit." At Regier-Galpin Farms this consist mostly of different varieties of nectarines and peaches.

Meet the Rieger-Galpin Farms golden goose, or in this case golden fruit, Satsuma Mandarins: a seedless variety, now in it's baby stage, that will mature in mid-December. Mandarins are often canned...and in my opinion are a perfect compliment to the chicken salad at Wendy's. However, they are also growing in popularity as a fresh fruit, simply stated, because they're easy to eat! Side note, did you know that during the celebration of the Chinese New Year, Mandarin oranges are a traditional symbols of abundance and good fortune?

love my Valley Life...


  1. hello Cali neighbor! these are sweeeeeeeet shots, my mouth is watering from the view of that delectable peach! lol

  2. Gorgeous shots! The grapes are my fave!