Tuesday, July 6, 2010

meet mi hermana.

Look how well she does the broken down doll, even with all the gear... this is to teach the baby sis a small, yet very important lesson...she cannot leave me to my own devices for 3 days without calling...I will go to the dark side. I am an artist, after all. Thank goodness I didn't do something more drastic, like cut off my ear or something. Trying to pacify me with a cute text of her children is nice, but just doesn't cut it! rude. The pink hair was Tad's idea. I think it is a nice touch.



  1. What about me???? No love for me??? I know I am the middle sis, not nearly as fun to say...but still!!!! Don't I need to be taught a lesson??? Or something??? ANYTHING???? ;-)

  2. In typical younger sister fashion...I am going to completely ignore the first part and pretend it didn't happen..hehee. On to the good part..I LOOK AWESOME WITH PINK HAIR!!!! Tad has a great eye Nik..hehee. I think he gets it from you :) I'll leave you with...It's
    Britney *!@x*! Man, I hope you know that song..haha!