Tuesday, May 3, 2011


meet Cameron.
I'm just sayin'...aren't you feeling a little James Dean vibe going on here?
you know the major movie icon in the 50s..."Rebel Without a Cause"

you know the one, girls everywhere fell in love with him??
a total cutie pie...hint. hint. wink. wink.
see I am trying not to come right out and say it...
I think being indirectly called a cutie pie...
has to be a bit easier on a high school senior boy?

Did you know in the 50's, the billboard #1 song was
"Hound Dog" by Elvis.

annnddd....perhaps a most important factoid...
Taco Bell had their grand opening in the 50s...

and that's the "word from the bird"


  1. Yes...I agree with the James Dean reference...my thoughts exactly! :))) Great shots...the lighting is fabulouso...alla Dora the Explorer..I think hehee ;))).

  2. What wonderful shots!! Lookin good Cameron!

  3. Nikki,

    I just have to ask about your lighting set up here. These are incredible! I love your work! And yes, Cameron looks pretty great!