Tuesday, February 1, 2011


a distinctive but intangible quality surrounding,

a dance floor...ok, I added the last part.
decor so delightfully done by: www.ohsoswank.com

"honest to pete" just beautiful. You know I have always wondered who is Pete?
Mom used to say..."for pete's sake" and "honest to pete" ...
did you know wikianswers says,
A: that would be St. Peter in the Bible.

honest to wikipedia. that is what it says...thought you should know.


  1. Beautiful! Seriously, one of the most beautiful weddings ever.....just flipping gorgeous!
    btw: you are funny! ;)

  2. Never knew I was talking about Saint Peter.....maybe I will have a shoe in at the "Pearly Gates" tee hee Wow! as beautiful as I remembered it!