Monday, December 20, 2010


Dear Mr. Neighbor,

I am very sorry for loitering around your house at night. In all fairness,
you did put up the decorations...and they do cover ever inch of
your property. It is very difficult not to sit and admire the blink,blink,
blink of the lights...ok, well part of the sitting had to do with the fact that my second flash wasn't firing, but I digress....

During my session with your unsuspecting least a dozen or so cars slowly drove by to look at the beautiful lights....side note,this made me seriously second guess my decision to wear shorts.

oh yes, ummmm...I also, took some artistic liberties with the elf...hope you don't mind that either.

Families in Norway have a tradition, one family member will dress up as a “nisse”, the "nisse" will knock on the door and ask, "Good evening, are there any good children here?" Most children will say: "Yes, I am good."

Toys for the good ones....just thought you should know...

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