Sunday, May 16, 2010

Somebody 'stop' me...

I don't have a photo to post. Just a big, Thank You!, to Syl
for an intense and super informative Speedliter's Intensive yesterday in LA.
Poor poor Syl...I am afraid he is going to need a LOT of wine in October... (:

My brain is now complete mush!

I am thinking of light, light, more light, light and shadow, turning day into night, and stops.

I think I dreamt of stops last night....iso many stops Nikki? How many stops of real estate are my children?'s an illness really.....

more photos soon.


  1. Oh wow Nik...I am beyond lost. Totally confused..hehee. I think Tad is a one stop kid and Tye probably takes at least two stops..tehee. Muah!

  2. I think Syl should pay for the non stop entertainment that will be provided....:)
    AKA Ms.UmbrellaHead