Sunday, May 16, 2010

Linky Thingy

Ok, this is now my 3rd time of trying to put a link in my I feel completely justified to have a small rant about it. Because really, 3 times is supposed to be a charm.
Tried to put Miss Brown's website here with a linky thingy...which would have been so could with a click, viola', been on Miss Brown's website, but arghhh, I can't get my linky thingy to work....arghh
Sorry, I digress. So, here is the website: Oh Wow! In this case it was 4th time is a charm...whoohooo! I can do a linky thingy!
Meet Miss Brown!

"Miss Brown can be anything!" More looks to come....(:

On a side note... I almost made Miss Brown pinky promise that she would save a ticket for me when she landed her first role on Broadway...but, I just wasn't sure how reliable a pinky promise was coming from a clown with orange hair...

(: Miss was a pleasure!


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