Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Tye!

Every year I do an "official" photo shoot with the boys around their birthday. Tye, is...how shall we put it...unpredictable! I mean, you just never know with this kid, his brain has one gear D, which is what makes him such a joy, and well...such a joy!

So although I had a million ideas, I knew there would be a bit of a gap from idea to execution. This called for a bit of well, creative thinking...how could I make him sit during his session AND be happy about it? Viola! Put a big fat cake in front of him.

It was a HUGE success! I think he would have sat in front of that cake until the house burnt down. Wonderful!

DISCLAIMER: I do realize cake session are typically reserved for the One Year milestone...but c'mon...he's my baby...why fight it, once a baby always a baby, right?

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  1. Okay...fine...I agree. Once a baby...always a baby!! ;)