Monday, November 7, 2011

meet Rainey.

So, here is a little story...many of you know I use and loooove my small strobes...
I even have small strobe heros,
in my limited experience small strobes are mobile, easy to use and
can make some pretty darn beautiful light...
Funny, after that little plug...
I confess, I wanted to do an entire session with all natural strobes, no assistant.
I was gonna lay the strobes down for an entire session, just me, my subject, and beautiful natural light....
yea....well....I don't make a very good martyr.

I immediately CHEATED and had the "assist" bounce light for much for me and nature!!!
I do love the soft quality of the light...but it was not was controlled with bounce!!

I am afraid I was a complete maniac this entire session, poor Rainey, I moved her all over the place,
chasing good light..I mean sometimes natural light is just bad, even at the "golden hour" fact,
sometimes the "hour" is more like 15 minutes....but anyway....
after 45 minutes of muscling through a "natural light" session....
I Buckled!!! hello flash!

the sun just makes such a beautiful secondary light source....don't you think?
I mean call me lazy, but it is soooo much easier to control the sun as secondary light source,
verses a primary....the theme here is control. LOL

I mean look at her shoulders, even with the camera pointed down you see some beautiful natural rim light there...
my conclusion,  I do very much love natural light...
I just love it right where I want it...control.
as a fantastic accent light..control.
and I most certainly don't want to depend on it...control.

I love my natural light adventure, but, knowing how much I love strobes....
me thinks as soon as I pay of my latest lens purchase, yikes!
mama is going to get some big strobes...

(first two images/bounced "natural" light...second two image/small strobes)


  1. Oh my flipping goodness....I almost cried at the black and white one....soooooo SOFT... soooo beautiful!!! Of course, how can you go wrong with a girl like Rainey??!! But still...just beautiful!! I think you did an amazing job Nik on your nautral light/fake light ;) I mean sometimes, the light just: is what it is... ;) LOVE!!!!

  2. I second everything Shan said!! Everything! That pink sweater with the hat and the tire and the blue behind... YUMMMM!!

  3. I love your control of light and aspire to be so good one day. Lovely session for sure!