Tuesday, October 12, 2010

meet the workshop.

Day One- Didn't do my homework before class. lesson one, not such a good idea.

Day Two- Did my lighting homework last night. Had to pick 3 images from yesterdays shoot... find my "hero" shot. hmmm...

Today, studio work in the AM...out to a Ranch here in Paso Robles in the afternoon. 6 models four teams...

I am guessing another "hero" shot....run and gun....may just come back to the hotel with a "Hot Mess"....

one stop, two stop, three-stop rock...

p.s. could have posted a really cool image of workshop action had I a Droid...another most positive reason that I absolutely NEED it...definitely not just a want...yep, for sure a NEED.


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  2. Ok...will try this again..haha!! Sounds like so much fun and sooo busy!! Can't wait to hear all about it!! :) Btw...you do need a new phone...I have been impressed with your restraint..hehee!!!