Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meet Ruby & Brooke.

Brooke will be so excited she FINALLY made it to 'the blog', not once but TWICE. I had a ridiculously good time shooting these! Not only did Brooke come ready-to work! She also put Ruby to work....during the shoot she would say, "Work with me Ruby." Darn cutest thing!!!

I love you Brooke Raven. I won't make you say I'm your favorite Aunt...ok, well, maybe just one time...

gotcha Nana. (;


  1. Oh my my my my my!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shots of Bee...all of them! Amazing Nik..your vision, my shopping skills..hehee. Match made in the US of A!! :) Cheers to a rockin' Fourth tehee!

  2. Nik, you are AMAZING!!!! But hey know Aunt Nana is the fav!!! ;-) Love you...but that is just how it is. he!he! GREAT PICS!!!