Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hip! hip! hooray!

day 3 of no 'accidents'!!

did I mention all potty's made it to the potty, for 3 days now?

Ok,... this October, I am spending 5 days with David Hobby in Paso Robles. Sort of. It's a lighting workshop, with thee Strobist...really!!!! You know strobist.blogspot.....The guy who makes his own snoots, Gobo's, and grid spots out of cardboard cereal boxes (for fun)? The guy who has a love affair with Gaffer's tape? And is completely nuts about all things off camera flash? The guy who has 350,000 followers world wide? Ahhhh...I am super excited...ok, mostly nervous...but also very, very excited!

And if that is not enough, David Hobby knows Joe McNally...I mean they were in Dubai together for crying out loud...

I die.

1 comment:

  1. Aunt JJ says HOLLA!!!! Way to go Tye-Tye! As for the workshop mumbo jumbo...I say...BrAiN freeze!!! Better you than me sis...hehee. MUah!!