Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My first 'blog'

I've told Bruce before that people should not be allowed to blog after 8pm....I mean who knows what could happen.....people can just get silly ruminating about all kinds of things. My favorite blog is any blog that Darrin Cantrell has ruminated on....he is just so funny....but really Darren go to bed....I mean you are shocking Jesus-style before 8pm.....my gosh at 11pm.....scary.....go to bed....like Mom always said, "It's nothing a good night sleep won't fix."

Frankly, can't believe I am going to 'blog' anyway....to put it in valley terms....how-weird-is-that? Thanks Ferlin, for opening up this whole new world. I still can't fathom any one giving a rip what goes on in this mind...even for a minute. I have two reasons for blogging, one I think it is just a good exercise.....to know what people are doing those 'bloggers' who know how to blog....me a blog-poser.... should just know what is going on in the real world. Two, I am inspired by Clayton's book, the one he hasn't written yet, How to Find Balance in love, life, and work....when you think about it "they" say it's good to write in a journal.....I never have time to journal....wahlah....a blog....I'm a blogger.

Ok....so this is the real meat...that was just a blogger warm-up. Today, I made the personal-use-CD for Laura and Guy. I had such a blast with this shoot!!! Laura and Guy are great, and were game to do anything my artistic mind wanted to do. Doing this shoot was so inspiring....I now want Bruce to finish the studio....immediately.!!! I love the work....and I need the perfect space to display the finished wood frames, photo art, and wood-frame samples for clients to select a custom wood frame of their choice. Ferlin, was that good for SEO???

Beautiful Laura!

I also took a 'trip' today.....ok....so it was just to the backyard when the boys were napping but I won't tell if you won't. It is amazing how much fun one person can have with a camera, flowers, fruit, and photoshop!!

This month, January 16th, is the Boingos photo shoot. If you are interested in bringing your child to Boingos for some fun and a controlled photo-shoot, let me know.

http://www.nikolaidesigns.com/ enter your information in Contact Tab and I will get back with you on the details of the shoot.

Happy January 2009.....may all your resolutions come true!